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It was a network of file streaming sites operating out of Vietnam. It allowed people to watch movies for free. 123Movies first launched around 2015 with an active user base of 100 million at its peak. It was one of the most popular websites in the streaming world before it was shut.

After its closure, many of its mirror websites or proxy sites emerged, but none of them could reach the popularity that 123Movies achieved after its creation. Then users kept switching between these proxy sites for various reasons. First of all, in the case of these streaming websites, there are a lot of ads and pop-ups included in the main content of the movie to download.

Otherwise, there will always be some unknown process, which has nothing to do with the download of the movie, a lot of malicious code will still appear, and sometimes the movie will not even download. However, 123Movies is already closed, and we can still explore and analyze the available 123Movies alternatives and decide whether using 123Movies is useful or not.

Part 1: What is 123Movies net ? is actually a website where you will be able to watch all the movies you want online for free. With this website, you can watch movies from the previous ones, right down to the latest movies we have now. And because of that, it has been classified as an illegal but popular website by the Motion Pictures Association of America or the MPAA.

With the 123Movies website, you will be able to search for all the videos you want to watch online and for free. This includes movies that you can find on other legitimate movie streaming websites like, Amazon, Hulu, and more.

Part 2: Is 123Movies Legal?

To say a lot of the obvious, 123Movies is not a legal website. In fact, the MPAA or the Motion Picture Association of America said that these types of websites are considered to be a notorious website because of the pirated copies of movies provided. And with that, they have listed the 123Movies as the most popular illegal website around the world.

It has been recorded that the 123Movies has more than 98 million users every month, which is very high that it has been pointed out as an illegal website. The MPAA has also said that the 123Movies was developed in Vietnam.

Part 3: How does it work?

What the 123Movies do is that they actually incorporate those popular movies all over the web, which will give them the ability to host any content from those legal movie streaming websites like, Amazon Prime and more. And since the 123Movies is known for having a large movie area that is free, you don't need to host any of its contents.

Part 4: Is it safe to use 123Movies?

Technically speaking, it's not! Why? This is because since 123movies is known to be an illegal and pirated website, you might get some unusual malware or even viruses. There is a chance that you will accidentally click on a certain link while using this website, which may lead to the introduction of malware on your PC. It can also take you to some websites that are not protected.

Another thing is that the 123Movies can damage your mobile device or your computer. There is a chance that you will experience that your device is running slow or even overheating when you use the 123Movies website. The reason for this is that this website is using more GPUs to be able to stream and get the videos you want to watch. And worst of all, the processor of your computer or mobile device can be damaged after a long time of using 123 movies.

And finally, once again, the 123Movies is an illegal website; you may have problems legally because your server actually noted your visits to Movies7to.

Part 5: What are some legal alternatives for 123 movies?

As we all know, the 123Movies is an illegal website that actually allows you to watch millions of movies online. But since this is known to be illegal, why not turn to a more legal way to watch movies online? And with that, here are some of the best legal alternatives you can use to watch movies for free.

Part6: 123Movies Mirrors

Here is a list of mirrors from 123Movies. All of the mirrors listed below were accessible at the time of this writing.

When possible, use a mirror that establishes an encrypted SSL connection so that your Internet service provider cannot monitor your activity.

123Movies Conclusion:

The 123Movies can be very helpful if you plan to get started with online streaming sites. With this website, you can choose and experience the quality of the media that these sites offer. Streaming sites come and go, giving you the freedom to experiment with various new and old 123movies site for your entertainment.